August 4th 2014

The Dashboard Update is Here! 

AgSolver, Inc., is proud to announce the release of the largest update of the MMP360TM application to date! This update contains features that were developed hand in hand with our customers, refining the current capabilities of the site and expanding its capabilities into new areas of the Iowa manure management process. The goal was to improve the workflow and reduce the time spent on the MMP process. 

A Color-Coded Pin for each AFO

The changes can be seen right away when you log in to your account. Each of your animal feeding operations (AFO) will have its own pin on a map of Iowa, representing its location. This is a great way to visualize how many different producers you work with. In addition, these pushpins are colored to indicate the level of urgency that is required for each AFO. The level of urgency is determined based on the due date of the manure management plan and on the expiration date of the soil tests for each field. The colors represent the following timeframes:

  • Green—no action is required for the AFO within the next six months.
  • Yellow—within the next six months, either a field’s soil tests will expire or the MMP is due.
  • Red—within the next month, action will need to be taken. It will remain red until you address this AFO.
  • Blue—the animal feeding operation does not have a soil test expiration date or MMP due date.
  • Gray—the AFO is inactive. Per our customers’ suggestions, we added an inactivity status that you can use if a producer leaves you as the service provider but there is potential for them to return to you in the future. You would no longer receive notifications about upcoming dates, but all of the data for the account remain intact.

If you have a question about why an AFO needs attention, just click on its pushpin and be taken right to its dashboard.


Your Map of AFO with Push Pin Notifications
Your Map of AFO with Push Pin Notifications


Key Information on One Page

The new features are available on the dashboard page, presenting all of the key pieces of information about your animal feeding operation on one page. These features include the following metrics:

  • P-index
  • RUSLE2 erosion values
  • Manure application rates
  • Soil test expiration date for each individual field


Your AFO Dashboard!
Your AFO Dashboard


These metrics update every time a new report is run, so you are always presented with the most accurate and up-to-date information. The dashboard facilitates the workflow as the center point, or home base, for each AFO. When a color-coded pushpin notifies you that an MMP is due soon or that soil tests are set to expire, the dates are presented prominently on the dashboard so you can quickly understand what steps need to be taken for that AFO. We moved the “Run Report” button to the top left corner of the dashboard page so you do not need to leave an AFO to run a report. In addition, we have added your report history to this dashboard, so you have access to every report ever run for that AFO at your fingertips. We also have added the “As Applied Record Keeping” page for each field that is accessible through this dashboard.

Up-to-date Record Keeping

Record keeping has shown to be a critical piece of the MMP process—less so from the compliance viewpoint but more from the fertility management of the field. Keeping these accurate records enables producers, landowners, and manure haulers to work together ensuring that they are getting the maximum rate of return from this valuable nutrient resource. This new page allows you to keep up-to-date information about every field within your manure management plan. Some of these key metrics are the planned manure application rate, the actual manure application rate, the current and previous years crop, commercial fertilizer application type and rate, and the manure source. Because this record-keeping information has an important value to the multiple stakeholders, we have enabled a print view so that this information can be printed out in an easily readable format to the hauler, producer, and landowner.

Access your field record keeping page through the options menu for the field

Access your field record keeping page through the options menu for the field


Accurate Weather Data

Another critical piece of information is accurate weather data because precipitation can greatly affect the nitrogen available to the crop. MMP360 application has integrated high-resolution weather data at a 1:3 kilometer resolution, which provides the needed accuracy for the weather information for when the manure is actually applied. We default the weather information for the days that you had specified in your manure management plan, but you can modify the date and time to get the correct weather data at the time of application. 

More Time-Saving Features

Several other enhancements to MMP360 application help to reduce the amount of time spent working on an MMP:

  1. Finding your fields that are part of your animal feeding operation—now when you add a new field to the AFO, any existing field that is part of the AFO will be seen, providing you a reference to quickly find the new field.
  2. Eliminating the need to look up yields by soil type—the yield values for corn and soybeans are determined automatically based upon the dominant critical soil in the field boundaries. The cloud computing infrastructure that already determines the dominant critical soil for each field now cross-checks this with the yield values published by Iowa Soil Properties and Interpretations Database and uses them to compute the field RUSLE2 erosion values. If you wish to use your own values for the yields to determine the RUSLE2 erosion, we have enabled the capabilities to override these cloud computing cross-checks.
All of your fields displayed while you add a new one.
All of your fields displayed while you add a new one


We hope that these new features to MMP360 application further enhance your ability to get this complicated, yet necessary, compliance process out of the way so you can focus on more important aspects of your business. We would like to thank our customers for suggestions on improving this product! Please keep them coming so we can keep building a better MMP360 product together.


The AgSolver Team

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