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  • MMP360 is the only tool that automates the steps required to complete an Iowa MMP (Iowa DNR Form 542-4000)

  • Complete an Iowa MMP in 30 minutes or less

  • No Training Needed

Once you've registered, you'll be able to add your feeding operations and the associated fields. Then you can request the reports you need to fulfill regulatory requirements.

Steps to complete an Iowa MMP using MMP360

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Information about the feeding operation is collected

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Each field used in the plan is entered into the system with its associated management practices.

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The data inputs are cross-checked for completeness and potential errors

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You can now run the analyses and generate the MMP forms

MMP360 takes you step by step through the Iowa MMP forms to make data collection and entry easier, so you can focus on taking care of your business—not taking care of paperwork. It simplifies data collection and data entry with a user-friendly map interface. With MMP360, you can easily identify feeding operation locations and define fields that need to be analyzed with clear text entry and selection boxes.

It’s FREE to register for an account and complete the steps to compile the mandatory information for your MMP.

AgSolver's manure management plan (MMP) workflow manager, MMP360, is the most comprehensive tool available for turning your raw data into a completed MMP form. It's the only tool that automates the steps required to complete an Iowa MMP (Iowa DNR Form 542-4000). Developing an Iowa MMP currently takes four to eight hours and requires special training to properly perform the required analyses.

MMP360's workflow manager can help you complete an Iowa MMP in 30 minutes or less with no training. MMP360's workflow manager provides a secure account management system that stores data across years to simplify the submission of annual updates and streamline the submission of full plans, which are required every four years.

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