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Service Level Agreement

  1. The Provider will provide the Recipient with an explicit, accurate data model for accessing the Service in the event the Recipient is using Service as a backend compute service.
  2. The Recipient may generate reports to fulfill their obligation to the Iowa DNR. If the Recipient anticipates this obligation will require an abnormal number of report requests the Recipient will notify the Provider through the Terms of Service support specifications of this need.
  3. The Provider and the Recipient agree to negotiate price associated with any additional services provided beyond those described in the MMP360 Terms of Service found at
  4. The Provider will give the Recipient at least 2 days’ notice prior to any planned outages of the cloud service and/or MMP360.
  5. The Provider will repair unplanned service outages within 24 hours, or as quickly as reasonably possible. If an unplanned outage leaves the Provider’s service engine unavailable for more than 72 hours the Provider and the Recipient will negotiate a discounted rate for the month(s) impacted by the service outage.