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Complete Compliance

MMP360 uses the most up-to-date forms including everything required for submittal to the Iowa DNR

  • Iowa DNR Form 542-4000
  • RUSLE2 reports
  • Detailed P-Index results
  • High resolution aerial and soil maps
  • Plat maps
Complete compliance

RUSLE2 Accuracy

RUSLE2 is computed for every field that is part of your MMP

  • Complete support of tillages in a sortable format
  • Full support of conservation practices
  • Four year management for improved precision
  • Automatic determination of dominant critical soil
Rusle 2

Complete P-Index Results

Detailed Iowa Phosphorus Index is calculated for each field that is part of your MMP

  • Distance to nearest stream is calculated from the centroid of the field
  • Soils are correctly identified
  • Every parameter is adjustable
  • Erosion calculations are taken form RUSLE2
P index

High Resolution Maps

MMP360 has aggregated all of the different maps needed for an MMP

  • Aerial maps with field outlines
  • Soil maps and lists of every soil in field
  • Plat maps for every plat covered by the MMP
High resolution maps

Document Management

MMP360 streamlines document storage and reduces the paper needed for an MMP

  • Manure analysis results are stored for each production phase
  • Soil tests are stored for every field
  • Labs and landowners can upload results remotely
  • Easy access is given to needed materials for audits
Document management

Security for Modern Times

MMP360 protects your data

  • Entire website under secured socket layer protection
  • Two factor authentication for additional layer of security
  • Controlled levels of account access for different users
  • Automated daily database backups